The Playhouse on Rodney Square, formerly the DuPont Theatre, in Wilmington, Delaware, presents national touring productions of Broadway shows and is the oldest continuously operating legitimate theatre in the country. Located in the DuPont Building, the brightest stars of stage and screen have lit the Wilmington sky and graced the lovely 1,252-seat Victorian theatre since 1913.

**We cannot facilitate any theater rental less than 7 weeks prior to event**

1 show per day ............ $7,250
2 shows per day .......... $10,250
Rehearsal day .............. $3,625
20% discount for non-profits

Included in Rental Rate

  • Existing sound system and lighting.
  • Masking draperies.
  • Star-drop curtain.
  • Orchestra chairs, music stands, tables and chairs pending availability.
  • Event management.
  • Security staff.
  • Ushers.
  • Cleaning.
  • Access to dressing rooms.
  • Fully stocked cash bar with bartenders and café area for use by patrons during event.
  • Additional expenses may apply.
  • No overtime hours for staff are included.

Stage Measurements

  • Proscenium Width/Opening: 34’-11”
  • Proscenium Height: 26’-1”
  • Front Edge of Stage to Plaster Line: 2’-10”
  • Plaster Line to Back Wall: 36’-8”
  • Stage Floor to Orchestra Floor: 3’-9”
  • Stage Floor to Grid: 62’-6”
  • Average Batten Length: 52’-0”
  • Batten “In” Trim: 5’-0”
  • Batten “Out” Trim: 58’-6”
  • Average Batten Travel: 53’-6”
  • Stage Width: 77’-2”
  • Stage Left Wing (Pros. To SL Fly Rail): 20’-4”
  • Stage Right Wing (Pros. To SR Wall): 19’-4”
  • Loading Door (Up Stage Left): 5’-11W x 10’-0”H (1’-8” Above Ground)

House Measurements

  • Front Edge of Stage to Rear of House Mix Position: 58’-0”
  • House Mix Position: 6’D x 11’-6”W (center) 6’D x 7’-6”W (Left and Right)
    Note Left and Right Positions require seat kills
  • Front Edge of Stage to Mezzanine Rail: 27’-8”
  • Mezzanine Rail Height Above Stage Floor: 8’-6”
  • Front Edge of Stage @ Centerline to Box Booms: 36’-0”
  • Box Boom Height Above Stage Floor: 25’-6”
  • Front Edge of Stage to First Row of Orchestra Seats: 9’-9”
  • Front Edge of Stage to Last Row of Orchestra Seats: 54’-0”

Pit Measurements

  • Depth of Pit to House Floor: 3’-3”
  • Depth of Pit to Stage Floor: 7’-0”
  • Internal Length of Pit: 30’-0”
  • Internal Width of Pit @ Centerline: 8’-9” (11’-4” extended, lose 15 seats)

Note: The pit cover is removed manually. Please contact the Technical Director if pit access is required. Orchestra pit capacity is 20-25 musicians.

6x 400A 120/208VAC, 3 Phase
SL Trap Room

1x 100A 120/208VAC, 3 Phase
SL Trap Room

1x 200A 120/208VAC, 3 Phase
Sound use ONLY
SL Trap Rm, Fire Shunt Tripped

1x 200A 120/208VAC, 3 Phase
Sound use ONLY
SR Trap Rm, Fire Shunt Tripped

Note: Playhouse Staff to do all connects and disconnects.
Disconnects are fused and can be protected at lower amperages

150' SL Stage Level to FOH Mix Position
Thru Plenum Below Orchestra Seating

30' SL Trap Rm Power to DSL Stage Level
Thru Trap Room

80' SL Trap Rm Power to DSR Stage Level
Thru Trap Room

Note: All lengths approximate.

50’ Wide x 31’ Deep
Rosco Adagio “Marley” Dance Floor

1x Main Curtain
Curtain is Guillotine Open Only
40’-0”W x 28’-0”H
100% Fullness

1x Main Valance
Valance is Contour Cut
40’-0”W x 8’-0”H
100% Fullness

16x Legs, Black
15’-0”W x 30’-0”H

6x Borders, Black
52’-0”W x 10’-0”H

4x Panel, Black
28’-0”W x 28’-0”H

1x Scrim, Black Seamless
52’-0”W x 30’-0”H

1x Cyc, White Seamless
52’-0”W x 30’-0”H

1x Console ETC Ion

192x Dimmers, ETC

3x Followspot, Strong Super Trouper
1000w Xenon

10x 6" Fresnel

60x ETC Source 4 Par

12x R40 Striplight, 6’-0”, 3 circuit

2x Leko 70deg, ETC Source 4
(Curtain Warmers installed in Mezz Pan)

8x Leko 36deg, ETC Source 4

36x Leko 26deg, ETC Source 4

4x Leko 14deg, ETC Source 4
(Architectural, installed at FOH Box Boom positions, 2ea per side)

36x Leko 19deg, ETC Source 4
(Installed at FOH Box Boom positions, 10ea per side)

10x Leko Zoom 15-30deg, ETC Source 4
(Installed in Mezz Pan)

10x House Left Box Boom
20A, 2 P&G

10x House Right Box Boom
20A, 2 P&G

20x Mezzanine Rail
20A, 2 P&G

20x Stage Floor Pockets
20A, 2 P&G

10x DSR Jump Platform
20A, 2 P&G

126x DSL Jump Platform
20A, 2 P&G

Note: All circuits and dimmers are patched at SL Jump Platform.

1x Midas Pro2 Console
Rear of Orch. House

1x Console Remote (Apple iPad)
House Sound Booth

1x Altec Array
Above Center Prosc.

8x Meyer UPA Speakers
4 Ea. SL & SR Prosc.

2x Meyer USW, Sub Woofer
1 Ea. SL & SR Prosc.

10x JBL Speakers, Orchestra Fill
Under Mezz.

4x Meyer UP Junior
Stage Front Fill

4x Lab Gruppen Amplifiers
SR Sound Cabinet

1x Clearcom Intercom System
SR Sound Cabinet

1x Bogen Dressing Rm PA System
SL Sound Cabinet

2x Mackie SRM 450 Powered Speakers
Prosc. Stage Monitors

4x QSC K 12 Powered Speakers
Over Stage Monitors

2x Galaxy PS6S Powered Speakers

1x DBX Quad Compressor/Limiter
House Sound Booth

1x TC Electronic M1-XL Effects Unit
House Sound Booth

1x 4 Channel 1/3 Octave EQ
House Sound Booth

1x Tascam MD-350 Mini Disc
Playback & Record

1x Denon DN780R Dual Cassette
Playback & Record

1x Marantz CDR-500 Dual CD Player

1x Computer Playback thru Sports Sounds

1x Shure Super 55 Deluxe

6x Shure SM57

6x Shure SM58

3x Shure Beta 56

2x Shure SM81-LC

6x Shure Beta 87C

1x Shure Beta 91

3x Shure SM102B Overhead Mic

4x Crown PCC 160

1x Beyer M-88 TG

1x AKG 414 XLII

2x Audio Technica AT857AMLA

2x Sennheiser 421

8x Shure Beta 87C Wireless Microphones
(08) Wireless Channels Available

8x Shure UR1 Wireless Beltpacks

8x Da Cappo DA12 Headset Microphone (2 Beige, 6 Black)

2x Countryman E6i Headset Microphone (Tan)

4x Sennheiser MKE-2 Lavalier Element

2x PC Whirlwind DI

6x Horizon Straightline DI

1x ProCo DB-1 DI

1x Christie Lx66 Projector
Mezz. Rail

1x 9x12 “Fast-fold” Screen w/FP and RP Surfaces

1x FOH HD Camera
Mezz. Rail

Catering for Artists is sole responsibility of renter.

Please contact Sonya Donawa at 302.658.7897 ext. 3600 or for more information.

10% of vendor sales (CD, DVD, Books, Posters).
20% soft goods (T-Shirts, Hats, Etc...)


Sonya Donawa
Rentals Manager
302.658.7897 ext. 3600