Began as the historic Aldine Theater built in 1921. Then The Grand acquired the lot in 1992 to create the Edith and Alexander F. Giacco Building in 2000. Now it's a cozy 305-seat theater which occupies the first floor with a large lobby area including a café area and a bar! Perfect for school functions, recitals, weddings and more!

**We cannot facilitate any theater rental less than 7 weeks prior to event**

1 show per day.................................$2,125

2 shows per day..............................$3,125

Rehearsal day...................................$1,000

20% discount for non-profits


  • Existing sound system and lighting
  • Cleaning
  • Masking Draperies
  • Access to dressing rooms
  • Star-drop curtain
  • Fully stocked cash bar with bartenders and cafe area for use by patrons during the event
  • Orchestra chairs, music stands, tables & chairs pending availability
  • Additional expenses may apply
  • Event management
  • No overtime hours for staff are included
  • Security staff
  • Ushers

Stagehands to operate all Grand equipment.
4-8 hours (minimum 4 hours) ... $25/hour per person
8+ hours ................................... $37.50/hour per person

Piano Rental & One Tuning:
Steinway 9' Concert Grand ..... $420
Baldwin 7' Baby Grand ........... $370
Upright Piano .......................... $100 (no tuning)
Additional Production Equipment as determined by Technical Director


  • 10% of Vendor Sales (CD, DVD, Books, Posters)
  • 20% Soft Goods

Service fees are as follows:

3.00 per ticket for tickets costing $19.99 and under
$8.00 per ticket for tickets costing $20.00 and above

All marketing materials must be approved by The Grand’s Marketing Director before tickets go on sale, or can be advertised to the public.

All production needs must be submitted to The Grand’s Technical Director before tickets go on sale.

Renter must maintain the following insurance at the indicated minimum coverage limits. Insurance shall be provided by insurance companies with a minimum A. M. Best rating of A VIII.

  • Workers’ Compensation Statutory limits; and Employers’ Liability: $500,000 
  • Commercial General Liability (Occurrence Form) with a combined single limit for Bodily Injury and   Property Damage: $1,000,000 per occurrence; $2,000,000 general aggregate covering claims for bodily injury, death or property damage occurring in or about the Premises resulting in any manner whatsoever from the Engagement or performance and covering the Contractual Liability of Licensee under Paragraph 19. This coverage shall include The Grand Opera House, its employees, members, directors, officers and affiliates as additional insured on a primary and non-contributory basis.
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability: $5,000,000 per occurrence

As custodians of a respected historic venue, The Grand Opera House management reserves the right to refuse rental of the theater to outside promoters of events that are inconsistent with the mission and image of The Grand as a family oriented community institution. There is a special prohibition against events that may either cause damage to the facility or pose a potential danger to patrons. The Grand Opera House, Inc. reserves the right to review all prospective Licensees and to refuse rental when it considers the event inappropriate for the facility or incompatible with the programming already scheduled.

  • ETC Express 48/96
  • House light control from booth and stage
  • 250 dimmer (2.4KW)
  • 4 standard electrics onstage, 30 circuits each, battens are 44" 8" long, DEAD HUNG
  • 5 drop boxes each side, 6 circuits per box
  • 8 booms at 16ft. 1 1/2" I.D.
  • 8 booms at 10 ft. 1 1/2" I.D.
  • 8-50Ib. boombases
  • 80 sidearms with C-clamps and single T-fittings
  • booms availability based on mainstage use

Ceiling Cove 41 -19 degrees Source Four

  • 24 -36 degrees Source 4 575W
  • 60 -Source 4 Pars 575W with all lenses
  • Gel frames for all lamps. Other instruments available from the GOH inventory (See GOH Mainstage Tech Specs) when not in main stage use.
  • 2 sets black velour legs
  • 4 borders black velour
  • 1 mid-stage black velour traveler @ 16ft from plaster
  • 1 upstage black velour traveler @ 25ft from plaster
  • House curtain travels
  • All goods DEAD HUNG
  • One 4-person dressing rooms w/sink
  • Four 2-person dressing rooms w/sink
  • Toilet facilities adjacent to above
  • Each dressing room and hallways equipped with program feed and paging
  • Washer, dryer, steamers, irons, and ironing boards available by request and pending availability
  • Depth 34 ft. from apron to upstage wall (this includes 5 ft. deep thrust)
  • Width 56 ft.
  • 29 ft. from curtain to upstage wall
  • Proscenium arch opening 35ft - 9" wide x 16'9" high
  • The deck is masonite over _" plywood.
  • We do not allow any nails, lags or screws into the surface.
  • We have a Marley vinyl dance floor: 5 rolls 6 ft. wide to cover 38 ft. acting area. Black on side, white on the other.

House Console

  • 48 channel Soundcraft Vi3000 digital desk in a booth with large sliding doors at rear of house. The desk can roll into the last row of seats.
  • Microphones by AKG, Sennheiser, Shure (including 8 wireless mics)

Playback and Recording

  • 1-Tascam CDR900 player/recorder
  • 1-Denon DNT 620 CD player/cassette player/recorder


  • QSC & Crown amplifiers


  • Left/Right flown: 2 per side Community i-BOX iHP 3564 3-way speakers (15”, 8”, 1.5”) with two TLF 218 subs on the floor

Stage Monitors

  • 4 Community CPL 23 speakers (mounted overhead)
  • 10 Community M12 wedges

Intercom System

  • Clear-Com system
  • Headset stations are located throughout all performance and production areas
  • Paging and program feed to all dressing rooms and production areas
  • 1 Yamaha SPX 990 digital FX unit
  • 2 Drawmer DL251 two channel compressor/limiters
  • Klark-Teknik 1/3 octave equalizers & Sabine Navigator DSP on all systems

Sennheiser IR transmission to individual receivers

  • Steinway Model D 9' concert grand
  • Yamaha C7


  • Yamaha Recording Custom Drum kit
  • [22,20,18 bass, 16,14 floor, 13,12,10,8 rack]
  • Latin Percussion Bongos, Timbales
  • Tumba, Conga, Quinto, Chimes, Djembe

Bass Amplifiers

  • Ampeg SVT-CL
  • Eden WT550
  • G-K 800RB

Bass Cabinets

  • Ampeg SVT 810, SVT 610
  • Eden 210XST, 410XLT
  • Hartke 115, 210, 410

Guitar Amplifiers

  • Fender Twin Reverb ‘65RI, Bassman ‘59RI, Hot Rod DeVille, Hot Rod DeLuxe, Super Reverb
  • Marshall JCM900 w/ 1960A & 1960B
  • Roland JC120
  • SWR California Blonde
  • Trace-Elliot TA100
  • Vox AC30
  • Korg Triton Studio Workstation/Sampler, LE61
  • Kurzeil PC88mx
  • Nord Electro2
  • Yamaha CP300, Motif ES7, SY55
  • Roland KC500, KC100 amplifiers
  • Allen & Heath ML5000 40 inputs x 16 mixes
  • Ashley equalizers & QSC power amplifiers
  • 17E-V T221M monitors [12" / 2" biamped]
  • 4 Turbosound TMS4 [18" / 10" / 1"]


Sonya Donawa
Rentals Manager
302.658.7897 ext. 3600