A creative resiliency fund to share the cultural richness of all Delaware's citizens, both in the shows we present but also in how we interact with the public we serve.

As the premier non-profit performing arts center in Delaware, The Grand has always strived to present a diverse array of artists that would reflect the cultures and tastes of all community members. But, The Grand can and should do a better job of sharing the cultural richness of all Delaware’s citizens, both in the shows we put on our three stages, but also in how we communicate to and interact with the public we serve.

The Gilliam Family Diversity Fund, an endowed fund that will provide a steady source of annual funding to fulfill our diversity ambitions, will support:

  • An engaged diversity programming advisor
  • Ticket and transportation subsidies for Title 1 / LMI schools
  • Focused marketing strategies to diverse communities
  • Artist residencies for minority artists

The commitment of the Grand to make diversity and inclusion goals of its fundraising campaign has given us a chance to forge a partnership with an organization that is committed to similar values of equity, inclusion, and social justice.

- The Gilliam Family

“The Grand’s commitment to this important work now, in this critical time, is indicative of our passion to be a welcoming institution for all of Delaware’s diverse people. We want all voices to be heard on stage, all faces to be seen in the theater. But to do that successfully, we have to address the financial challenge of being inclusive. I hope you’ll join us in creating this fund to help advance this effort.”

- Enid Wallace-Simms, Gilliam Fund Chair

Gilliam Fund Proudly supported by: (in alphabetical order)

The Gilliam Foundation
Bank of America
Capital One
M&T Bank
Laffey-McHuge Foundation
City of Wilmington

To donate or learn more contact Kate Baker Frawley at