Calling all artists!

Get your artwork in front of adoring eyes by hosting your own art exhibit and reception at The Grand.

We are actively seeking artists to exhibit their work for the coming year in both galleries. Along with the opportunity to show your work for a month, artists will take part in the City of Wilmington’s Art On the Town, also known as “Art Loop,” on first Fridays. All shows will be listed in Out & About Magazine, distributed to local businesses and galleries, and on the Art Loop and The Grand’s websites.

Not only will you be getting exposure and potential sales for your work, but you will be giving enrichment and enjoyment to patrons, performing artists, staff, and other visitors.

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For artists interested in exhibiting their work at The Grand please download our Artist Application and Exhibit Guidelines below:

Artist Application

Exhibit Guidelines

Susan Benarcik Dimensional Collage

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Susan Benarcik

Susan Benarcik is a sculptor and urban garden designer based in Delaware. Her work has been exhibited across the country in galleries, museums, sculpture parks, arboreta, and botanic gardens such as the New York Design Center, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the Delaware Art Museum. The artist is the recipient of Individual Artist Fellowship Award from Delaware Division of the Arts in 2019, a National Endowment for the Arts Challenge America Grant to Organizations and Artists in 2017, and a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award, in 2007

The artist’s concern for the environment is made evident as she takes elemental forms of the natural world into her studio and carefully transforms them by stacking, stringing, layering, knotting, and weaving them into contemplative works on paper and sculpture for public and private spaces. These interior and exterior compositions become part of our daily cognitive experience, and bring equilibrium to our senses.

The artist has a Master’s degree in printmaking from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with highest distinction from Rosemont College. Benarcik was an apprentice at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, a Core Fellow at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and most recently a CFEVA fellow. She continues to design and install sculptural compositions while teaching creativity workshops in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York. The artist is a founding board member of the Jester Artspace in Wilmington, DE.

Her works can be found on line at, and on the artist’s website;

Dimensional Collage

I spend a lot of time in nature. It is part of almost every facet of my life; my work, social interests, the things I read, the artwork I make. As a child I was obsessed with greenhouses and gardens. I observed plants and their reactions to their environment and thought perhaps, that I had a better understanding of plants than of people. As I began to make art formally, I delighted in expressing how humans and plants possess tenacious and yielding qualities, they can either wilt or flourish in the face of adversity. I used nature and plants as metaphors for the human experience, and titled mixed media work on paper, “Feeling Dormant,” “Attempting Actuality,” and” This Wall Grows Around Me.”

Becoming increasingly experimental and more dimensional, my mid-career works focus on connecting human kind with our environment. In arboretums, and gardens, where large-scale sculptural environments made of earth, paper, vines, roots, limbs and seeds could grow, flourish, patina, and in many cases, disintegrate, I exhibit works that suggest our relationship to a larger whole; some titles of these works include, “Greenhouse Effect,” “Mental Notes,” and “Losing Touch with Reality.”

Working alternately between flat and dimensional formats, I apply principals of printmaking, design, and sculpture to my works on paper. Currently, I’m working on two accordant bodies of work which I refer to as “dimensional collage”. One cadre consists of miniature to large-scale orchestrations of balanced chaos where I layer, stitch, bend, and fold materials that reflect natural rhythms like tropisms, waves, swarms and spirals. Another cadre are framed in shadow boxes, and more appropriately fall under the category of, “dimensional collage”. Layered with precision to reveal or conceal a subtle, personal narrative, these collage contrast or connect meaning by way of splicing, grafting and re-envisioning images to suggest new perspectives.

In either case, the viewer is bid to consider the results of a calculated combination of multiple formats, where the origin of each one of-a-kind fragment of ephemera, and the placement of each curious object, reflects my genuine desire to better align our human experience with the natural world around us.


Ralph Marley Phoenix


Ralph Marley Phoenix

Ralph Marley is a self-taught artist who has been creating artwork for five years. He was born in Philadelphia, PA and currently resides in Wilmington, DE. His artwork is described as Neo Expressionism.

This show is titled Phoenix, and it is inspired by the constant elevation of overcoming challenges and becoming a greater self. The color selection is like a phoenix rising from the ashes and recreating itself, shining and burning everything in its path to enlightenment.


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