Calling all artists!

Get your artwork in front of adoring eyes by hosting your own art exhibit and reception at The Grand.

We are actively seeking artists to exhibit their work for the coming year in both galleries. Along with the opportunity to show your work for a month, artists will take part in the City of Wilmington’s Art On the Town, also known as “Art Loop,” on first Fridays. All shows will be listed in Out & About Magazine, distributed to local businesses and galleries, and on the Art Loop and The Grand’s websites.

Not only will you be getting exposure and potential sales for your work, but you will be giving enrichment and enjoyment to patrons, performing artists, staff, and other visitors.

Click here for more information about the Art Loop.

For artists interested in exhibiting their work at The Grand please download our Artist Application and Exhibit Guidelines below:

Artist Application
Exhibit Guidelines

Gallery Hours:

Monday–Thursday, 9 am–3 pm, by appointment only.

Please contact or call 302-658-7897 x3256 for an appointment.

Click on the gallery tabs to see who is exhibiting in July and August 2024!

David O.

Intersections of Thought

(July 10, 2024 - September 2, 2024)

David O. Slicing Through The Red  Main IMage.jpg

Slicing Through the Red by David O.

David O.

I am David O., an abstract artist with a background in graphic design. My journey in art is fueled by a passion for exploring the unspoken and unseen dimensions of thought and emotion. Through the abstract medium, I endeavor to capture the fluid dance of ideas as they collide and coalesce on the canvas, revealing a visual symphony of colors and forms.

Each piece I create is a testament to the power of abstract expression—unrestrained, intuitive, and profoundly personal.

Intersections of Thought

invites viewers into a dynamic exploration of abstract art where diverse ideas, colors, and shapes not only meet but also diverge into new artistic directions. This exhibit showcases my latest collection, which encapsulates years of artistic evolution and the continuous interplay between design principles and spontaneous expression. As you navigate through the gallery, allow yourself to experience each piece as a unique conversation between the artist’s inner world and the canvas’s boundless possibilities.

This show is not just an exhibition of art; it is an invitation to witness the convergence of myriad thoughts and the birth of new visual languages.

Arden Artisans Collective A Showcase of Eclectic and Fine Art

(July 10, 2024 - September 2, 2024)

Arden Artisan Collective Main Image.jpg

Arden Artisans Collective

Arden Artisans Collective "A Showcase of Eclectic and Fine Art"

Rooted in the Arts & Crafts Legacy:

The Ardens, established in 1900, was envisioned as an artistic hub, drawing in artisans with dedicated studios and lodging. Within a decade, potters, photographers, weavers, and diverse craftspeople thrived within the village. This tradition continued, attracting new artists and nurturing the creative spirit of its residents. The Arden Artisans Collective, formed in 2022, celebrates this heritage by empowering artists of all skill levels through educational and collaborative opportunities. Through regional events like this exhibit, the Collective also strives to showcase the work of its resident members to a wider audience.

A Mosaic of Diverse Artistic Talents:

At the baby grand art show, the Arden Artisans Collective presents an ensemble of work echoing Arden’s unique history of creativity. Discover hand-carved stone, traditional still life, futuristic digital imagery, and nature-inspired pieces at this one-of-a-kind group show. To learn more about each artist, scan the QR codes on the gallery tags. To explore our organization and upcoming events, check out our website and sign up for our email list.


Eric Berman
Community Events Manager
302-658-7897 x 3256


Artist Application
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