Calling all artists!

Get your artwork in front of adoring eyes by hosting your own art exhibit and reception at The Grand.

We are actively seeking artists to exhibit their work for the coming year in both galleries. Along with the opportunity to show your work for a month, artists will take part in the City of Wilmington’s Art On the Town, also known as “Art Loop,” on first Fridays. All shows will be listed in Out & About Magazine, distributed to local businesses and galleries, and on the Art Loop and The Grand’s websites.

Not only will you be getting exposure and potential sales for your work, but you will be giving enrichment and enjoyment to patrons, performing artists, staff, and other visitors.

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For artists interested in exhibiting their work at The Grand please download our Artist Application and Exhibit Guidelines below:

Artist Application

Exhibit Guidelines

Anthony Sealey Muted Perspectives

Anthony Sealey-2.JPG

Muted Perspectives

The word Perspective, “a point of view”. Perspectives are limitless, since we all see things differently. Muted…Reduced in strengthen and/or intensity. It is impossible to focus on everything at the same time. Whenever we direct attention to one thing, something else is always muted (reduced in strength or intensity). My objective has always been to take photographs that evoke personal thoughts and emotions (perspectives), rather than dictate my perspective on others. The goal is that we learn about each other through our differences by recognizing the beauty in our diverse views and being drawn closer because of them, not divide because of having a different or more dominant point of view. The joy of being a Photographic Artist…

Anthony Sealey

Owner of Seapix Photography which offers a variety of photographic services. Though primarily a wedding photographer, the company is not limited in its scope or services. Tony’s artistic styling have been most recently displayed at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington Delaware during Grand Gala in December, 2018. The Delaware Art Loop exhibit was such a tremendous success that it was extended for a 2nd month! During the months of March & April of 2019, Tony was invited to exhibit again during the Delaware Art Loop at the Studio on Market in Wilmington DE. In March 2019 the Delaware Photographic Society extended an invitation to Judge a photography contest. Tony’s work has been featured in the Delaware News Journal. He is also the photographic go-to for top agents at Coldwell Banker, Remax, Blenheim Builders and other Real Estate companies. He enjoys putting an artistic touch to Real Estate photos, always seeking to catch the eye of a potential buyer.

As CEO & Owner of Seapix Photography, Tony says, “As a Wedding photographer, it’s always about the love between a couple and how they show it in their own unique way. It’s always my goal to obtain a joyous reaction when I deliver to a client their images, usually hoping for tears or at least a big smile with an “awwwwww” at the end.” He further adds that “as we look around, beauty and intriguing imagery is everywhere. Sometimes we are too busy to see it. Hopefully we can take a pause in our life and enjoy it. If not, perhaps a photographer can pause it for you to enjoy.”

Artist Contact:

Tony Sealey – (302) 740-9093

FB - @Seapixphotography

IG - @Seapixphotography


Yakime Brown Eclecticism

Butterfly Wings 48x48x1.5 - Yakime Brown.jpg


Concerning his March 2020 showing at The Grand, entitled ‘Eclecticism,’ Yakime said, “I wanted this exhibit to be an opportunity for people to see, through my personal visual interpretation, that ideas, concepts, and thoughts can be an endless and diverse expression of one’s self. Eclecticism is defined as the practice of deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

“I absolutely refuse to be restricted to one particular style or image as, simply put, it is boring, confining, and not a true reflection of who I am as a person.”

The eclecticism of my work reflects my upbringing as well as the endless sources of inspiration that I tap into when creating art. I regularly experiment with new techniques, various tools and implements, and numerous mediums to execute through to fruition the many ideas and concepts swirling around in my head. I absolutely refuse to be restricted to one particular style or image as, simply put, it is boring, confining, and not a true reflection of who I am as a person. I would instead prefer to be known for my wide array of enduring works that speak to a full spectrum of aesthetician. Through this show at The Grand, I can really give to the people a glimpse into my mind.”

Yakime Akelá Brown

Yakime Akelá Brown is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and now calls Bear, Delaware his home. His work embodies his New York City upbringing: full of vibrancy, persistent motion, diversity, and a certain grittiness. His style is abstract, colorful, eclectic, lustrous, sculptural, moody, and textural. Yakime’s art is influenced by fluidity and motion, which he achieves through the impasto application of acrylics and other mediums. There is usually some kinetic component present in his artwork, whether it is a painting or a piece with sculptural elements. While he does not limit himself to any one particular theme, recurring subjects are water-like swirls, vortices, splashes, and even letters and/or symbols seemingly poured out into space. Yakime has exhibited his award-winning artwork in galleries from the east to the west coast and has been featured in several art periodicals.


Eric Berman
Community Engagement Associate
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