Calling all artists!

Get your artwork in front of adoring eyes by hosting your own art exhibit and reception at The Grand.

We are actively seeking artists to exhibit their work for the coming year in both galleries. Along with the opportunity to show your work for a month, artists will take part in the City of Wilmington’s Art On the Town, also known as “Art Loop,” on first Fridays. All shows will be listed in Out & About Magazine, distributed to local businesses and galleries, and on the Art Loop and The Grand’s websites.

Not only will you be getting exposure and potential sales for your work, but you will be giving enrichment and enjoyment to patrons, performing artists, staff, and other visitors.

Click here for more information about the Art Loop.

For artists interested in exhibiting their work at The Grand please download our Artist Application and Exhibit Guidelines below:

Artist Application
Exhibit Guidelines

Gallery Hours:

Monday–Friday, 9 am–3 pm, by appointment only.

Please contact or call 302-658-7897 x3256 for an appointment.

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Tanya Bracey Thirst

(February 28, 2023 - April 3, 2023)

Tanya Bracey Image.jpg

Baldwin and West Envision Zong by Tanya Bracey

Tanya Bracey


"Thirst" refers to the state of needing refreshment and nutrients for the body, usually found in scripture. It can mean also an emotional longing or a strong desire. I have created a collection of original art pieces connected by history, hope, and the power of service. They reflect a hidden history that was drowned and the present effort of recovery what was lost.

These paintings tell the story of my thirst for understanding in a sea of knowledge. In my uncovering of things, I have also found peace and new purpose.

In the last three years I have experienced an upheaval of the fabric of how I see and define myself. Working in paint has helped me replenish my strength and redefine who I really am. I have painted what I love, what I want to uncover, and what I want to cherish- which is the enduring human spirit.

Mia Muratori

Rumi's Poetry Paintings

(February 28 - April 3, 2023)

Mia Muratori Main Image Large.jpg

Rumi's Puppet Opera

Mia Muratori

Rumi's Poetry Paintings

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there” Rumi 1248

Rumi’s words, relevance and meaning offer parallels and solace to our world today. For me, art making is a documentation of the world. Watching, synthesizing and recording. I throw it down with paint, the tragic, the comedic. No words, just light, color, shape and space … I’ll meet you there.

Mia Muratori 2023


Eric Berman
Community Events Manager
302-658-7897 x 3256


Artist Application
Exhibit Guidelines