The Grand Galleries are a great opportunity for area artists to gain more exposure as well as offer enrichment and enjoyment to patrons, performing artists, artistic partners and staff.

The Grand is actively seeking artists to exhibit their work during the coming year. Along with the opportunity to show for the month, artists will also take part in the City of Wilmington's Art on the Town, also known as the "Art Loop" on first Fridays.

For artists interested in exhibiting their work at The Grand, download an application here.

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Copeland Hall Gallery
Copeland Hall Gallery

May Exhibit: Navanjali Jagatpal Kelsey

From a very young age, I have been mesmerized by the brilliant colors of saris, the sparkle of a gold bracelet, and the way that these pieces enhance and embrace the human form. My current work continues to celebrate and revere the vivid quality of the colors that so deeply represent my Indian roots. A 2011 visit to Ladakh, India, led me to this current examination of landscapes, architecture, and animals. Within my work the viewer will note delicate details, textures, and an array of rich colors. This culminates in an appreciation for the unique quality of this culture, and my captivation for the richness and strength of the hues that I have observed throughout my life.

I am interested in how the subject works in collaboration with fabric, jeweled adornment, gesticulation, and other elements in a system to ultimately convey a portrayal of tradition, culture, and an overall appreciation for color.  For example, fabric only appears to take on specific folds and manipulations once it is draped on the human form, and it is these specific moments that I am interested in capturing. Jewelry only takes on a certain type of harmony when placed upon skin that diamonds and gold cannot achieve without this counterpart. It is these collaborations that I am presenting, and calling attention to, through the use of this choice of composition.

Evident are the themes of India. Having been surrounded by these elements for much of my life, these colors and designs have undoubtedly made an impression in my visual experience. I am attempting to convey the intensity of these colors through the means of my paintings acting as a cultural narrative.  These images present colors that are reminiscent of rich traditions, such as turmeric used in cooking or vermillion used in the parting of a woman’s hair.
It is my intention to open the door to the intrigue of Indian culture, through the presentation of these paintings. My work serves as a window to this heritage, portrayed through a kaleidoscope of colors.
Navanjali Jagatpal Kelsey

baby grand Gallery
baby grand Gallery

May Exhibit: Yakime Akelá Brown, “Eclectic Abstraction”

Artist Yakime Akelá Brown was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in Bear, Delaware. He has received no formal art training and has been painting professionally for about six years, exhibiting his contemporary abstract style of artwork in numerous galleries on both the east and west coasts. Yakime is currently represented by B2 Fine Arts Gallery in Tacoma, Washington and Madison Art Consulting of Hilltop, New Jersey. He is constantly experimenting with new techniques and approaches to his art and absolutely refuses to be restricted to one style or image, preferring instead to be known for his wide range of enduring works that speak to a broad spectrum of tastes and perspectives.

Concerning his ‘Eclectic Abstraction’ exhibit, Yakime says, “This theme alludes to how during the creative process we can sometimes become preoccupied or even enamored with a particular concept, idea or notion, resulting in previously unexplored approaches. I believe that experimentation is a contributing factor towards the evolutionary growth of an artist. In my opinion, it enhances the creative process and allows for a broader spectrum of personal expression. I would describe a number of my new paintings as some of my most mature work to date. It, to some degree, marks a slight departure from my signature style of large, boisterously colorful abstract paintings. Albeit, you will see a bit of that as well. Over the years my style has been characterized as eclectic, moody, and tactile. Nevertheless, while my technique has been refined and continues to evolve, a constant feature of my work is the use of texture, fluidity, and motion, which I am able to achieve through the use of strong brush strokes and palette knife manipulation.
The focal point of my new work is sculptural components married to a monochromatic and metallic palette in juxtaposition with purposeful black voids. These voids lend to the illusion of depth, giving the finished works an appearance of density and heaviness like that of a carved slab of metal. The splashes, swirls, blotches, and bursts of seemingly viscous liquid exhibit a fluid yet tactile characteristic that invite you to touch. Some of the works contain mixed-media elements (i.e., brush and paint can), but all are composed primarily of acrylic. In addition to a variety of implements, a blow torch is employed during the creative process, lending to the textural diversity and visual interest of each painting.”

“I believe that experimentation is a contributing factor towards the evolutionary growth of an artist. It enhances the creative process, allowing for a broader spectrum of personal expression.”

Yakime Akelá Brown