The Grand Galleries are a great opportunity for area artists to gain more exposure as well as offer enrichment and enjoyment to patrons, performing artists, artistic partners and staff.

The Grand is actively seeking artists to exhibit their work during the coming year. Along with the opportunity to show for the month, artists will also take part in the City of Wilmington's Art on the Town, also known as the "Art Loop" on first Fridays.

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Copeland Hall Gallery
Copeland Hall Gallery

July Exhibit: Nicole Lenzi, “Time Lines (Anchors) and Timed Responses: (Branches)”

Recent 2D reliefs, Time Lines (Anchors), explore how drawing, time, and thought effect and redevelop each other.  Several sources support this investigation; Eastern philosophy, systems, and process art. Avis Newman’s idea, “A mark is a sign of thought.”, also informs works. The grid functions as a boundary in works. Observing and tracing shadows gives time form. I seek balance in the spaces in between for greater reflection.

Avis Newman writes, “I have always understood drawing to be about...the operations of thought."  As the hand makes lines over time, what happens inside the mind? Can thought ebb and flow as marks do? How is time experienced as I draw?  What becomes of this absurd activity? These are a few of the questions that motivate Times Lines. In this series, marks suggest thought.
Time Lines (Anchors), are inspired by observing spiders cast their webs and structures found in diamonds. In these works, 3D linear constructions (made of thread and pins) cast shadows upon gridded paper. Shadow lines are observed and traced for a number of minutes or hours at random points on the paper.  This repetitive activity alludes to process art and allows for “being” while working rather than “doing”.  
Timed systems are used to begin and end works. This sets a schedule that does away with distractions. Thus, it allows for greater mental participation in the drawing process. Works are created over a few minutes to several months. Times are recorded in titles.

As in Eastern philosophy, the grid levels the hierarchy between dimensions onto a single ground so even dialogues can form. The white area surrounding lines is considered latent rather than empty; a place to imagine what could occur. The grid becomes a boundary to measure the growth of a drawing. The area in between subject and gallery serves as an open ground to perceive from.

All works become frameworks for consideration. Variation is employed to evolve them forward and see what happens next.

About Timed Responses (Branches)
Timed Responses are response drawings of winter branches blowing in the wind. The experience of watching the branches is medative and emotional. I create these drawings with line in a few minutes or seconds of time. This allows me to focus on the gestures of the branches rather than the details to convey what I see and feel.

Baby Grand Gallery
Baby Grand Gallery

July Exhibit: DANCE4LIFE, “Strength In Grace”

DANCE4LIFE School of the Arts & Training Institute is home to the Delaware Contemporary Dance Theatre. Both of which are under the direction of Chauntee D. Andrews. The school harnesses the dynamic power of human creativity and fuses it with the structure and discipline of movement education. This allows its’ students to explore dance in a setting that is open to individuality and expression. With focus on a strong technical foundation, students can excel from the ARTS program moving through the TRAINING INSTITUTE. This syllabus is both fitting for the novice dancer to the professional performing artist. This program offers instruction in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Acrobatics, Pointe, Hip-Hop, Tap, Contortion and Adult classes. Through a positive and encouraging learning environment, the dancer will experience growth and invaluable lessons that is not only useful in the dance world, but also in life. Hence,...DANCE4LIFE.

To see the Delaware Contemporary Dance Theatre perform, come back to the Grand Opera House Baby Grand Theater on Saturday July 9, 2016 for a 7:00pm concert. Tickets available at the Grand Opera House box office.

For more information about the school visit   

2097 Philadelphia Pike
Claymont, DE 19703
(Holly Oak Plaza)
(302) 723-1302