The Grand has made much progress – both artistically and organizationally – in the decade leading up to its 150th birthday in December 2021. But, like many other valued arts groups, The Grand took a significant blow during the coronavirus pandemic and the closures of public spaces that it necessitated.

The Grand seeks to celebrate its landmark anniversary with an ambitious fundraising campaign. This campaign will restore the recent losses and position the cherished Delaware cultural institution for the launch of the next 150 years of entertaining, engaging and enriching the community while proudly stewarding our historic theaters. With the support of our entire community, we will continue to create economic vitality for the City and the State while also lifting the human spirit.

"Because The Grand is for everybody, everybody needs to be “for The Grand."

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By addressing these critical areas, The Grand will RISE to the challenge of its next 150 years:

Rebuild our financial capacity to serve the community that was depleted to maintain The Grand during the pandemic;

Invest in the community by deepening our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion with dedicated programs and performances for underserved audiences;

Strengthen the daily efforts of The Grand to provide quality performing arts experiences on its stages and life-enhancing youth and family programs in the community; and

Empower future service to the community through a permanent capital fund to provide necessary resources for the care of our historic venues, which serve as a cultural home for all.

"Our job would be impossible without the positive impact the various arts have on our downtown. The arts venues have been and continue to be the anchor for the livelihood of all downtown." - Martin Hageman, Downtown Visions

"If the arts venues did not exist, neither would Chelsea Tavern or Ernest & Scott Taproom. The financial influx amounts to a 50% increase in business for our locations. Wilmington is more of a city when there is a show at The Grand or The Playhouse or the Queen. There’s a change in the vibe on Market Street that only bustling human beings can provide." - Joe Van Horn, Owner of Chelsea Tavern

"Nothing beats the buzz of Market Street on arts rich evenings. We love getting emails and calls from the tenants the next morning raving about the crowded restaurants, the people on the street." - Joe Van Horn, Owner of Chelsea Tavern


Contributions of cash or stock provide an immediate tax benefit for the donor and immediate support for The Grand.


You can use appreciated stock which has been held for more than one year to increase your income and save taxes at the same time, since you will be entitled to deduct the current value of the stock without paying capital gains tax on the appreciated portion. If you prefer to give appreciated stock, please contact the Director of Development for specific instructions. It is important that we know to expect these gifts.


Real estate can be given to The Grand in ways that afford you many benefits. You can donate real estate during your lifetime to The Grand either as an outright gift or to fund a charitable remainder trust. The property is transferred to The Grand by deed, and is subsequently sold. The proceeds are used to establish a permanent endowment fund or create a charitable remainder trust where applicable. Along with the immediate income tax deduction this can eliminate the issue of capital gains on the appreciated value of the real estate, or remove the property from your estate. There are also options for donating real estate yet retaining the right to live in the property for the rest of your life or a defined period of time.


The cornerstone of an estate plan is your will or revocable trust. By providing a bequest in your will or a provision in your trust to benefit The Grand, you can make a significant gift that will benefit The Grand for years to come while providing tax advantages to your estate. Often donors will name The Grand Opera House as the beneficiary of a portion of their estate or the recipient of funds after named individuals have received their inheritance. This remains the most common form of planned giving due to its simplicity and the donor’s ability to make changes at any given time.

In recognition of our donor's generosity, we have made a number of locations available for naming opportunities. Please let our Director of Development know of your intentions and we will draft up an agreement for your review and signature.

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Please note: All gifts over $1,000,000 will receive recognition in perpetuity. All gifts between $100,000-$999,999 will receive recognition for 10 years. All gifts between $10,000-$99,999 will receive recognition for 5 years. All gifts below $10,000 will receive recognition for 2 years.


Director of Development
(302) 658 - 7897 X3204

Lucy Clemens
Donor Relations Manager
(302) 657 - 2159

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