Mon, Mar, 01, 2021

Black Violin
Grades 4-12 / Music, Stereotypes, Social Emotional Learning

Unlimited access for 6 weeks: Jan. 18 – Feb. 28, 2021

Video and Study Guide: $50 / Title I Discounts: $40 PER CLASSROOM / $10 per household

Black Violin enters the student virtual space with an all-new, high-energy performance that takes their unique blend of classical music, hip hop, jazz and pop to new heights. This engaging video covers themes of perseverance, exploration and unity with songs like Rise, Unbreakable, Believer, Dreamer and Impossible is Possible. Embedded in the performance is a message for students and educators about challenging stereotypes and status quo conventions, and that pathways to success require commitment, practice and unwavering dedication. During a pre-recorded Q&A, Black Violin discusses their personal history, their journey to the stage, and their plans to continue their mission with their non-profit organization, Black Violin Foundation. TRAILER

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