Thu, Jul, 01, 2021

Chicken Dance (ArtsPower Theatre On Demand)
Grades PK-2 / Literature, Music, Dance, SEL

Hosted on Teachable; Unlimited access through June 30, 2021 (Limited logins available)

Complete Course: $75 / Title I Discount: $60 PER CLASSROOM / $15 per household

Every barnyard has its bully! But two of the barnyard’s chickens, Marge and Lola, will not stand idly by. ArtsPower’s School Edition features their acclaimed, full-length performances on video, plus comprehensive, grade-specific Study Buddys that provide engaging, literacy-building and visual arts activities. Designed to promote learning in the performing arts, language arts, and character education, this multiple-lesson, academic course also includes: fun song and dance instructional videos; insightful interviews with the author and set designer; animated book read-along for young viewers; Create Your Own Music Videos instruction and a Student Gallery to share their work. [TRAILER COMING SOON]

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