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Artist Statement:
Works by The Howard Pyle Studio Group

A show representing the work of the members of The Howard Pyle Studio.


Baby Grand


Artist Statement:

Francesca Reyes

The urban landscape is a union of stagnant forms and fleeting moments, of structure and instability. My artistic devotion to this subject developed under the belief that a cityscape is largely the result of the physical and metaphorical act of building up and tearing down walls. This activity is born out of an innate desire to create distinctions between interior and exterior, public and private.


The city frequently offers chance encounters with spaces that are unapologetically true to the life they have lived. These kinds of happenstances prove to be the most meaningful for me. Aesthetically, the wearing down of layers, progressions of mark making, and fortuitous color relationships, serve as a constant source of inspiration.  Conceptually, the inviting nature of dilapidated barriers and the physical representation of a specific timeline, an implied history, becomes intriguing.


 City of Wilmington Art Loop



Sana Bell
  • Community Events Manager