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June and July




Artist Statement:

Rebecca Jacob
This collection is entitled the sous bois collection, the undergrowth. The collection was inspired from a painting by Van Gogh. I was privileged to see this work at an exhibition at the Philadelphia art museum several years ago. All of the images were inspired by actual flowers surrounding my home.

Baby Grand




Artist Statement:

David Trout
David W. Trout considers himself to be a landscape and still life artist, working mainly in oils. As an artist, the learning process never ends. He tries to keep himself open to new ideas and new techniques. This attitude of always trying to improve, to do better than the piece before, is what keeps him painting.

He considers his work to be “representational with an impressionistic flair” and his main objective is to capture the subtle nuances of light within a subject. This is his signature style of “atmosphere” that he portrays with a dreamlike quality.

His goal is to welcome the viewer into the peaceful surroundings of his art. Please visit at





Sana Merchant
  • Community Events Manager