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Title of show: Two Master Printers presented by Delaware Photographic Society

Ray Firmani and Bill Talarowski are award-winning printmakers that have been honored with Lifetime Memberships from the Delaware Photographic society.


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 Image Title" "In Retrospect"
Medium: Watercolor

Artist Statement:

 Eunice LaFate

.Eunice LaFate's creative spirit reveals itself in themes that emphasize the beauty of human diversity, while communicating the importance of cultural heritage. In creating works of art, she focuses on the "bright side of life," using vibrant acrylic, oil, and watercolors to portray folk culture. In this exhibition, "Folk Art Themes in Retrospect," LaFate showcases Caribbean Folk Culture, Tropical Blossoms, Diversity, and Modern Folk Abstract paintings.





Sana Merchant
  • Community Events Manager