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Artist Statement:


Matthew Neary
Wilmington, DE

Matthew is an amateur photographer living in Wilmington, DE. He is inspired by the challenge of finding unique angles and perspectives, and enjoys bringing them to life in his photographs. This collection is titled "A Day In The Life", and is a collection of photographs with content ranging from quiet rural america to the busy big city. Use of selective focus, close-ups, and other creative effects bring focus to otherwise overlooked subjects.


Baby Grand




Artist Statement:


Kenneth A. Bosch

This exhibit is largely comprised of work I’ve done over the past two years since my retirement from teaching. I am exploring two main lines of work that I have wanted to pursue for some time: micro views of scenes around my childhood home in New York State’s Western Catskill region and portraits of friends, relatives, media and political personages who affected me as I grew up. My paintings are realistic in style, but the still life/landscape series are abstract in their spirit. In my portraits, I hope to communicate the unique personality of the subject. My work is highly personal but it is my hope that it has some universal value. I invite the viewer to look into each painting and make his or her own connection.




Artist Statement:

Kathy Herring

Kathy Herring has always loved to draw and paint, with a natural affinity for doing portraits. As she states on her website,,

I've always had a special gift for portraiture, and am especially fond of drawing children. People almost always tell me that I have captured more than just the appearance of their loved one, but something about their spirit, the unique spark of their individuality.

She has studied at the Art Students’ League in New York City and at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, where she met David Shevlino, her husband and fellow artist.

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 Artist Statement:

BARNS are Comfort Food for the Soul

 by   Sherry McVickar


I paint BARN portraits from an artisan’s point of view. This point of view has five angles:

#1. “VAN GOO” is my painter name: I like my paint gooey and thick. My painting style is characterized by building up thick layers of paint. In classical terms this technique is called ‘impasto’.
#2. I travel the country-side knocking on complete stranger’s doors asking if I may paint a picture of their BARN. (Sometimes I just drive up: slam on the brakes, jump out, plaster paint all over, throw everything back in the car, and speed away).
#3. To sit in the shade on a warm, cloudless day, listening to the birds, bees, and animal conversations: This is the addictive element of what I do called Painting “ En Plien Aire” (French for “in plenty of air”).
#4. I paint BARNS because of my love of architecture, geometry, human ingenuity, and crafts-—person—-ship.
#5. BARNS are as beautiful as any horse, or iris, or waterfall, or sunset. The USA has an extremely rich farming heritage which must-at all costs-be preserved in art and life. Thank you for joining me in seeing and appreciating them for the first or the thousandth time.







Sana Merchant
  • Community Events Manager