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Artist Statement:
Jim Carr

Jim Carr is best known for his depth of portrayal, reaching into the soul of the subject, and projecting both the beauty and persona residing within. His work has been exhibited in many regional shows and galleries including the Rittenhouse Square Art Show, Perry Milou Gallery, Longwood Gallery, Salon des Amis Exhibition, and Wilmington’s Art On the Town. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
“I prefer oil as my medium. For me, it offers subtlety and richness, allowing for smooth, yet complex, coloring and harmonization. I especially like to work with golden yellows and carmine hues. For my portraits-in-settings, I will place the pose in an often imagined backdrop that projects some archetypal theme. The spirit can be brought to the surface in the most engaging works.”
In most cases, Jim’s oil paintings convey feminine beauty, but he also has produced floral works and charcoal portraits. He lives and works in Trolley Square, Wilmington.

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Artist Statement:

Cody Bluett
Show title: Horizons

The belief in humanity’s relationship with outside and natural forces has been an essential founding aspect of human history. Mankind’s exploration and expansion across the Earth’s natural landscapes is the foundation to the progression of knowledge and understanding in the face of our self-prescribed new frontier. The concept of finding one’s self within the world around us parallels that of our physical and mental venture into the unknown and allows us to justify our relationship with nature as a means of understanding. Yet, the constant separation between man and nature has become a dialogue and commentary on our existence within the environment. Instead of realizing we are a part of the environment, we have chosen to try and conquer it. This dualistic agenda has allowed for interpretations and utilizations of our environment through the creation of machines and technologies. People use numerous devices in order to perceive the world around us, but lack the understanding of subjectivity we place in our own hands. These technologies shape our view of the environment and allow for a unique perspective and interaction with our surroundings.
Horizons is an attempt to bridge the dichotomy of man and nature by focusing on the dialect between them. Through the utilization of painting as a form of technology itself, Cody Bluett strives to understand and cultivate outside landscapes into unique experiential moments. By combining textural and surface quality elements that emanate technologies such as screens, lenses, and mechanistic reproduction with compositional and colorful elements of traditional landscape painting, the work is intended to submerge the viewer into the consciousness and reality that exists solely in the dialect between themselves and the artwork. Through the recognition of our existence and actions as an essential part of nature rather than a force against it, the artwork and gallery space become a landscape in and of itself. By creating horizons within the visual and experiential atmosphere of the work, Cody Bluett lets the viewer’s emotional and conceptual understanding of what it means to be human transform. Reality is no longer man versus nature but rather man as nature.


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