Subscriber Benefits

MyChoice Series Benefits

Pick the shows you want to see and get the first chance for the best seats, the best discounts, and full series buyer benefits.


  • Buy 3,4, or 5 Shows, Save $3 off each ticket from the full price
  • Buy 6 or more Shows, Save $5 off each tickets
  • Save up to 20%

More Benefits:

  • Ticket Exchange Privileges
  • Cumulative Discounts on Subsequent Purchases
  • Stage Door Pass
  • Free Parking
  • Lost Ticket Insurance
  • 99¢ Ticket Program
  • Opportunity to Purchase Tickets in Advance

Order Your Tickets:

As a MyChoice subscriber you get the following benefits:

Ticket Exchange Privileges

If extenuating circumstances prevent you from attending a performance for which you already have tickets, you can exchange them for another Grand My Choice Series-eligible performance without any fee. If the new show has a higher ticket price, you only pay the differential in cost.

Cumulative Discounts on My Choice Tickets

If you have purchased a subscription for the Grand's season, you will receive series discounts on subsequent purchases of Grand shows. Once you reach the total number of shows for the second level of the My Choice discount (6 or more), your purchases will receive the greater discount.

Stage Door Pass

This program offers special discounts and incentives to a wide variety of acclaimed restaurants in downtown Wilmington. Your Stage Door Pass is included in an enclosed brochure with full details of the participating restaurants and their exclusive offers to Grand My Choice Series subscribers.

Free Parking

With the enclosed vouchers, you can park for free in one of two convenient downtown garages: the HyPark facility on Shipley (between 10th & 9th Street) and the Wilmington Parking Authority garage at the DoubleTree Hotel (7th & King Street.) Parking can also be found on surrounding streets and is free after 6PM and on weekends.

Lost Ticket Insurance

We have a complete record of all your My Choice purchases, so if you misplace your tickets, we will replace the exact same seats at no extra charge.

The 99ยข Ticket Program

As a My Choice Series subscriber, you are automatically included on the list (if you provided us with your e-mail address) to receive notification of our first-come, first-serve 99¢ ticket offers, as well as regular e-newsletters, added show announcements, and other special Grand communications. While every show has 99¢ tickets available, the quantities, quality of available seating, and amount of notice may vary. My Choice subscribers always get 48 hours notice before the general e-mail list.