Contact The Staff

The Grand Opera House Staff

Administrative Office:
302-658-7897 p
302-652-5346 f

Mark Fields, Executive Director, ext. 3203

Stephen M. Bailey, Managing Director of  Programming, ext.3601


Beverly Zimmermann, Director of Administration, ext.3002

Petal Miller, Director of Finance, ext. 3102

Teresa Crawford, Payroll and Benefits Manager, ext. 3103

Maryetta Binder, Bookkeeper, ext. 3101

Box Office

Chanel Swinton, Box Office Supervisor, ext.3400

Karen Porter, Box Office Supervisor

Gabrielle Braxton, Box Office Representative

Janet Brown, Box Office Representative

Nafiesha Brown, Box Office Representative

Kadeem Collins, Box Office Representative

Elaine Gropp, Box Office Representative

Melissa Leatherbury, Box Office Representative

Rosalind Maxwell-Boyd, Box Office Representative

Elaine Perkins, Box Office Representative

Natalie Stephens, Box Office Representative

Annette Rabasca, Box Office Representative

Brittany Woodard, Box Office Representative


Meredith MitchellMcAloon,  Director of Development, ext. 3302

Lauren Cahill, Special Events Manager, ext. 3202

Terhan Chambers,  Donor Relations Manager, ext. 3301

Christine Maiese,  Grants Writer, ext. 3301

Marketing & Public Relations

Terry Cruz, Director of Marketing, ext. 3200

Amy Watson Bish, Creative Manager, ext. 3250

J.C. Yeatman, Design Manager, ext. 3208

Kelsi Paden, Marketing Associate, ext 3204

Laura White, Marketing Assistant, ext. 3001


Jaime Bohn, Director of Operations, ext. 3600  

Julia Dougherty, Operations Manager, ext. 3612

Matt Sandlin, Facility Manager, ext. 3609

Othell Heaney, House Manager

Chaka Hollis, Maintenance Crew

Ryan Lynch, Custodian

Jonathan Walsh, Custodian

Barry Polish, Security

Ward Raison, Security

David Sokolowski, Security

Vernon Vassallo, Security

Community Engagement & Education

Pamelyn Manocchio, Director of Community Engagement, ext. 3300

Sana Merchant, Community Events Manager, ext. 3105

Nora Reilly, Education Associate, ext. 3201


Bob Parker, Technical Director, ext. 3506

Howard Fulton, Asst. Technical Director, ext. 3504

Genevieve Fanelli, Master Electrician, ext. 3502

George King, Master Carpenter, ext. 3501

Stephen A. Manocchio, Audio Engineer, ext. 3508 

Kirk Johnson, Stage Crew 

Adam Rodenboh, Stage Crew

Stacy Slocum, Stage Crew